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John Daly PowerBelt w/ Instructional Video & Tips from John Daly
The John Daly Power Belt is the first golf training aid that can teach the feeling of the single most important aspect of generating distance- The Power Move. The Power Move is a precisely timed rotation and release of the lower body, reaching its peak of power at impact. Its why John Daly can hit a golf ball nearly 400 yards, and its why every tour player we watch can make that power look so effortless. Jack Nicklaus once said, "I watch amateurs trying to generate more power. It seems like everthing speeds up...except the clubhead!" The secret to 300+ yard drives and 7 irons that fly 170 yards is the Power Move, which focuses power from the lower body through the upper body delivering a burst of power just at impact.

So where does the John Daly PowerBelt come in? Unfortunatley, as critical to a great game as it is, the Power Move is hard to teach. That is because the Power Move is only partly mechanical. The Power Move is also a feeling. Chances are, you have felt it before, only to have it drift away after a few holes, or rounds (if you're lucky). With the John Daly Power Belt, you will instantly have the Power Move as soon as you put it on and swing a club. The PowerBelt instantly gives you the same mechanics, and the same feeling, that big money professionals have during their swing. The feeling of weight to the inside of your knees. Of hip rotation that coils you for release. The feeling of uncoiling through the ball, and letting the clubhead square naturally, effortlessly. The feeling of a powerful finish that drives the ball towards the target.

Using the John Daly Power Belt in practice will soon mold that feeling in to your mind and you will take the Power Move with you during your game. What would 20-30 yards more off the tee do for your game? Or, using a 7 iron from 170 yards, instead of a 5? Since it is such a practical gift, it is perfect for a friend or co-worker. Excellent training aid.

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