Golf Tips
The 4 Keys to Improve Your Golf Game
By Judy Lynn Wetherill
Jun 22, 2004, 11:54

There are many different tips out there for the proper and the best techniques for Golfers to improve their game. As you know there are certain things that will improve your every game. These 4 keys are essential to your game:

Having flexibility prevents injuries and allows for a greater range of motion resulting in a better swing.

If you’re lacking endurance the game won’t be as enjoyable and most likely not as successful.

More power translates into fewer swings to get the ball where you want it to go.

4.Relaxed and free of tension
This is number one to improve all of the above and ultimately your game!

When was the last time you stretched for a twenty minute period to release your calves and upper legs after a run to prevent shin splints? Or to prevent the stiffness that can accompany a workout? Do you rush right from your vehicle on to the fairway as though it was still the highway? Stretching is an excellent way to release tension and is extremely important to the overall health and longevity of the body.

Tension in the body can lead to over tight muscles, inflexibility, and lack of energy, limited range of motion, weakness and fatigue in the body as a whole. The Myoball Technique™ is a tension release technique that is recommended by many health practitioners. This technique is very simple and easy to use. It releases pain and tension, increases circulation for healing and enhances your overall well being. The tool is the size of a tennis ball which makes it easy to take with you and use anywhere.

Ultimately, it is wise to have an educated practitioner of the human body to help you recognize where and why your body is holding stress and tension and to be able to release it from the appropriate places. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for as much optimal professional attention as you may require or desire, The Myoball Technique™ can be a very useful and valuable tool. It is complementary to the stretching that you do and will help to keep your tight muscles released so that your chiropractor or massage therapist can assist you in attaining alignment and greater relaxation with less time and effort.

Next time your feet are hurting after a game of 18 holes grab your Myoball or find a medium firm tennis ball, stand with feet parallel and about shoulder width apart. Place the tennis ball under the ball of one foot and watch that your knees stay soft and unlocked. Just stand there relaxed, even if you’re reading, watching the news, on a break at work or on the phone for five minutes or longer. Remove the ball stand with both feet on the floor and notice the difference. You may find that the foot that the tennis ball was under feels flatter and softer and that your calf muscle warms after being stretched and lengthened. It was that easy and you were able to do something at the same time. Next, it is important to do the same with the other foot for approximately the same amount of time so that you keep your body balanced from the ground up.

This technique can be used in various areas of the body to ease and release hip pain, back pain, leg tightness, tightness in the forearms and shoulders, the tension associated with extended periods of standing or sitting. It can be used to prevent and release the stiffness related to over-extending in your Golf swing or what is now being called Golfers elbow. What ever it is the Myoball Technique™ can assist you with any of these imbalances in your body.

Some great tips for Golfers:

Warm up before playing golf
Proper warm-up consists of exercises to increase blood circulation in the golfing muscles, plus stretches for these muscles. Pre and post game stretching reduces the chance of injury and improves performance. Make sure to warm up first before doing your stretches.

Perform good body mechanics
Bend with your knees, not your back when tee-ing off, picking up clubs, etc. Avoid excessive forward bending of the back while driving or putting.

~Get ‘Grounded’ when you are in position and getting ready to swing, do an internal scan of your body:

1. Check that your shoulders are relaxed and hanging down towards the ground versus being pulled towards your ears.

2. Let your hips be loose and relaxed allowing the weight of your upper body to settle down through your pelvis and legs towards the ground

3.Imagine your feet are well connected into the ground to allow for support for the rest of your body (*Of course this only applies when you are in first position because when you are in fully turned position your heel of the brace foot will be released and turn pointing down the line behind you)

Mind over Golf
Bring focus and concentration to your game

~If you find yourself thinking too far ahead, try using
phrases like "this one, now!" or "nice and easy" to slow you down and refocus your mind.
~Visualize the type of shot you want to play or "see it" and "feel it" in your mind before you execute it
~Learn to put the past behind you, "let go" of any bad shots and think about what you do want. Remind yourself that it's the next shot that counts.

By Judy Lynn Wetherill, founder of the BodyWealth Network and the Myoball Technique. To learn more about The Myoball Technique™, we invite you to join us at

© Copyright 2004 by Judy Lynn Wetherill.