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A. Things I love about golf. B. Things I hate about golf.
By Carson Cockman

A. The crisp morning breeze caressing my face, as I tee off on number one, on a cold February morning.
B. The trip to the ER to treat frostbite, afterwards.

A. The discipline and patience golf teaches me.
B. The old bald geezer with his knickers pulled up to his armpits that just 14 putted in front of me.

A. The joyous liberty one experiences on lush fairways.
B. The hangover and the bail bond the next day.

A. The thrill of competition when someone else’s money is on the line.
C. Paying off the wager, when it is your own.

A. Making that tricky shot over the water on number 12 dog-leg to the right, par 5
B. Helping the Rescue Squad get the lawyer you just hit onto the gurney.

A. The camaraderie of guys being guys, playing the greatest game on the planet, which your wife will NEVER in a million years understand.
B. The divorce lawyer’s letter stating that she got everything down to your last putter.

And Finally:

A. That unmitigated thrill of a hole in one with witnesses, and that moment when you punch the sky in that age-old symbol of victory.
B. Having to use Ben-Gay or surgery to get your arm back down.

© Copyright 2007 by Carson Cockman

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