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The Easy Swing
By Jeffrey Ryall

The moment I get a golf club in my hand I just want to see how far I can smack that sucker. There is something about golf with me, I can not help myself. Unfortunately hitting the ball as hard as you can does not mean the ball will actually go where you want it to, in a straight line. If all you want to do is let out some pent up frustration, thatís fine but if you want to play a good game of golf then you must resist the urge.

You need to be able to swing freely and easily not hard and violently. If you brace yourself you could well use to much effort and if your feet are to close together you will not be able to get any decent power into the shot. If you keep your feet in roughly the same position each time you play a shot and your head still your centre of gravity will be the same.

Move one of your legs suddenly and your head will move causing your position to move, thus changing the pivotal centre in relation to the ball to change. Keep both your feet firmly on the ground so that weight is supported on the flat part of your feet when you strike the ball.

When you do strike the ball correctly everything will feel right, it feels smooth and with not that much effort. Now try and do the same, this is where the problem lies trying to repeat the shot exactly the same. You need to relax, try not to stiffen up or brace yourself ready for the shot. If you stiffen up at all it will destroy your balance.

Concentrate on connecting with the ball to make it go in a straight line, while making sure you hit the ball in the middle of the club. Remember you only want to use the power you are able to control when hitting the ball. You need to get your accuracy right before you increase your power. Your swing should be under control all the time with no sudden movement, keep your head still and strike through the ball.

Your longest drives will probably come when you are just trying for accuracy, not distance. This will come with practice. You should concentrate getting your swing right as often as you can and only when you are satisfied with the accuracy of your stroke should you proceed with increasing your power. Just remember any one can pick up a golf club and hit the ball a long way, its controlling the power in the shot thatís the hard part. Good luck and happy golfing.

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