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Golf Equipment - Driving or Duffing
By Chris Campbell

Woah, keep the wallet in your pants big boy. We've got some explaining to do first. Basic golf equipment of some kind is a must for anyone looking to take up this ancient game. Golf equipment like a good set of golf clubs, comfortable golf shoes, and a roomy but practical golf bag are essential to start your golfing adventure. But don't go overboard here. Your just learning the game after all, and while good golf equipment is essential, there's no point in blowing a whole wad before you really decide how much you like the game of golf and vice a versa. And as with many sports, the ultra high tech, high performance golf equipment won't really make a big difference to the beginner or for that matter average golfer. After a few years, once you've achieved brilliance on the course, and are beginning to pass the average to above average skill level, then it's time to consider the more advanced golf equipment.

Hitting The Clubs

Your clubs are probably the first piece of golf equipment to consider for an upgrade, once your on the verge of challenging Tiger for the crown. You could decide to replace the entire set of clubs, if money is no object, and your appetite for golf domination has no bounds. But there is another option to consider. There are probably many golf clubs in your bag, that haven't seen the light of day, or the green of a course since the last time you paid for drinks on the nineteenth hole. So, maybe you should just consider gradually replacing the clubs you really use with new high performance clubs. The next few times you go golfing, don't just keep track of the strokes on each hole. Take an extra golf score card, and just track of the golf clubs you use for each hole. A little more work, but after a few weeks, you should have a pretty good idea of which golf clubs you use the most, and which are just coming along for the ride. You may want to make up your own little custom golf club score card just for this exercise.

These Shoes Were Made For Swinging

Comfort is of course a major consideration when choosing golf shoes. You're going to be traipsing across eighteen fairways (or more), and you don't need to be doing that in blisters. A good grip and solid support are also important in picking out golf shoes. As with many sports, a good base (your feet) can make all the difference in the world. Proper foot positioning, and support, are essentially the beginnings of a great golf swing. The pros, or staff at a good golf equipment store can be helpful in choosing a pair of golf shoes that are appropriate for you. Don't be afraid to spend in this category, as it is practically impossible to blow the bank on a pair of shoes, and your feet will love you for it.

Golf Goes Bizzare

Alright, I'm sure you've seen all the contraptions, and medieval like torture devices in the infomercials guarantying to take strokes off your golf game. Well, like I said in the first paragraph, put away the wallet big boy. Instead find your self a good golf pro instead. I'm sure every golf course you frequent has a pro of a least dubious stature. Ask around a bit, and see if any of your other buddies had good success with a pro. Setup some regular lessons, and put in the practice time. That's the best sure fire way to improve your game. And then, once your golf game has ascended stratospheric levels, maybe you can justify buying those ultra super fantastic new clubs you've been drooling over all season.

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