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The Newest Sensation In The Golf Cart Industry

There are many millions in use in US.

A new cart is generally sold with a roof and windscreen with the sides and rear left open and the only weather protection available is a vinyl fabric enclosure.

There is a drawback in the doors of the vinyl covers. The doors consist of roll up flaps secured with long zip fasteners at each side. Many, particularly the elderly cannot operate the doors properly.

The new US Patented invention is a rigid transparent enclosure with aluminum frames and the main feature is a large sliding access door at each side. It is engineered to last the life of the cart and it is engineered for installation on all new and existing carts.

Because the Enclosure keeps the hot air out and the cold air in, MEE is able to offer the first battery powered air conditioning kit for golf carts in US.

MEE wish to seek participants for Distribution and Dealers throughout US and Canada .

Custom Carts of Sarasota have been appointed Distributor for the State of Florida .

They are creating a dealer network in the State and hold stocks for all makes of golf carts, including 4, 6 and 8 Passenger Shuttles. They also have stock of air con kits.

Stocks for ground freight delivery are held at Charleston SC.

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