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Golf Equipment

The Goods on a Golf Swing Trainer
By Dr. Richard Myers
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A golf swing trainer is a device that helps you to consistently swing properly. There are many options available, from those that are designed to fix your slice to those that will help you get a longer, faster drive.

Don’t be fooled by the manufacturers that say their trainer will solve any and all golf swing problems. Know your primary swing faults and focus on finding a golf swing trainer designed to fix them. All trainers have the same purpose: to improve your swing mechanics. The majority do this by using what is known as 'muscle memory.' The idea is that if you carry out a movement time after time, exactly the same way each time, your muscles become attuned to it. You will be able to execute that movement without having to consciously make your muscles follow the routine.

One type of golf swing trainer you might be familiar with is the large, round devices often made of white piping. These are called golf swing plane trainers. They specifically help you get a feel for the proper swing plane for your body size. These trainers have stood the test of time so you’ll see them at a lot of driving ranges and courses that offer instruction. Some have exercise cords that strengthen your muscles while keeping your swing in the correct plane, and others keep your arms and legs in the correct posture. Some do both, but remember that you get what you pay for.

Before you invest in a golf swing trainer like this or something simpler, try it out. Most pro shops will allow you hit a few balls in a hitting bay to get a feel for the equipment and its effectiveness. Whether you are considering a big or small investment in equipment, have a golf pro look at your swing and suggest a golf swing trainer. Ask other golfers what they have tried.

One thing to consider when determining whether a trainer is worth the money is its longevity. If you consistently see advertisements for it, it’s probably an effective training aid and therefore a good buy. But, if you see people trying to unload their used trainer at steep discounts on the Internet or at yard sales, chances are pretty good that it was less than effective.

Once you chosen a golf swing trainer, use it regularly. It will take some time to fix your swing faults, so give it a chance. Too many trainers are collecting dust because their owners got frustrated and gave up on it after just a few sessions.


Richard Myers provides the avid golfer with video instruction to improve his or her golf swing. By using his golf swing trainer you will be able to lower your golf score significantly.

Article Source:
Ezine Articles (Dr. Richard Myers)

© Copyright 2007 by Dr. Richard Myers

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